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1 Rulebook
1 Gameboard
100 Hones
8 Player trackers
20 Mawala Cards
10 Fort cards
1 Mawala & Fort information booklet
1 Paulkhuna booklet


Available in English & Marathi




Do you want to become a Swarajya warrior &Experience the journey of Swarajya?
Mawala - The board game helps you do that! 
The board provided has 101 places which actually are the events that happened in our king's - Maharaj's - life; placed sequentially. 
You play this game by being a Swarajya warrior yourself and the role of dice takes you places on board, i.e. historic events where you contribute.  You earn or lose hones - the ancient currency - while moving ahead with respect to the nature of the place/historic event you land on.
In this journey you get real Swarajya warriors with you, you become caretaker of the forts and march towards the grand Kingship ceremony - The Rajyabhishek! 
The wealth accumulated during the journey, you present it to Maharaj! Whoever presents more wins greater honour!!



Mawala The Board Game (English)

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